Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

Prakas on Public Holidays for 2022

Further Instruction 063 on Covid-19 Rapid Test for Workers

Notification 043 on One Day off for Booster Dose Vaccination

Prakas on Determination of Minimum Wage for Workers/Employees in the Textile, Garment, Footwear, Travel Goods and Bag Industries for 2022

Notification on Pilot Launch of Labour Inspection Self-Declaration via Automation System for Factories/Enterprises

Instruction on Covid-19 Rapid Test for Workers/Employees at Factories/Enterprises across Cambodia

Notification on Implementation of Upcoming Pchum Ben Holidays for 3 days, 05-07 October 2021

MoLVT's Instruction on Strengthening the Measures on Fight and Prevention of Covid-19 at Factories/Enterprises

Prakas on Public Holidays for 2021

Notification No.034 on Water Festival 2020 (Eng)

Inter-Ministerial Prakas 364 on Implemetation of BFC project for the textile Garment travel Goods and Bag Export Sector (EN)

Notification on Further Reminder on Preventative Measures Against Covid-19 at Factories, Enterprise