Molvt ENG Prakas 165 of Inter-ministerial Prakas on Implementation of Pension Scheme

Notification 053 on Reminder of Submitting 2021 Financial Statements

MOL Letter 115 on Seniority indemnity payment for female workers/employees who take maternity leave

MOL's Restriction Letter 154

Notification 022 on Implementation of Labour Inspection Self-Declaration via Automation System

Instruction 028 on public holiday falling on Sunday

MOL Letter 115 on Seniority Indemnity Payment

MOH's Press Release on Quarantine Reduced to 7 Days

Notification 014 on Covid-19 Booster Dose Vaccination (3rd  and 4th dose) at factories

Notification013 on Implementation of Khmer New Year 2022 Holiday

Notification 011 on Work Permit Extension

MOH's Press Release 098 on Travel Conditions