Clarification Letter 295 on damages and payment instead of notice

Clarification 274 on mediocre ability - MOL to Sara

Clarification 273 on damages for FDC - MOL to Sara

Letter 070 on the Working Seniority

Letter 069 on Calculation of Seniority Indemnity after probation who have worked from 1month to 6months

Letter 068 Identification of labour contract (Sub-Contract)

Letter 071 on Proportional Annual Leave Calculation

GDT's Notification on Enterprise Survey in Phnom Penh (Chinese unofficial translation)

Notification on Deadline for Submission of Notice of Use of English Language in Computerized Accounting System and/or Other Related Computerized Systems to the Accounting and Auditing Regulator

Sub-decree 32 on Social Security Scheme on Pension (Eng)

Instruction (Eng) 035 on Campaign to Disseminate Social Security Scheme on Pension

Prakas 170 (CN) on Commencement Date of Payment of Contribution of Social Security Scheme on Pension under Compulsory Contribution and Voluntary Contribution