Hi-Tech Apparel (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Sleepwear Underwear Garment Sportwear
Number of Workers: 4,377
Location: Building A35-36, Poipet O’Neang Special Economic Zone, Souriya Village Phum, Nimitt Commune, Paoy Paet District, Banteay Mean Chhey, Cambodia.

Lecien (Cambodia) Corporation

Product: Underwear
Number of Workers: 376
Location: NR 4, PPSEZ Phum, Kantaok Commune, Kamboul District, Phnum Penh, Cambodia.

U-Knits (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Knitwear
Number of Workers: 1106
Location: NR 2, Prek Holech Phum, Prek Ho Commune, Ta Khmau District, Kandal, Cambodia.

Cambo Unisoll Ltd.

Product: T-Shirt
Number of Workers: 1823
Location: 8, Sada Phum, Vihear Suork Commune, Khsach Kandal District, Kandal, Cambodia.

Sheico (Phnom Penh) Co., Ltd.

Product: Rash guard Wetsuits Garment Sportwear Vest
Number of Workers: 2045
Location: National Road NO. 3, Sre Ngor Phum, Pong Tuek Commune, Dangkao District, Phnum Penh, Cambodia.

Wah Sun HK Factory (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Handbag Bag
Number of Workers: 4853
Location: NR 4, Trach Phum, Samrong Tong Commune, Samraong Tong District, Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

Macox Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Product: Motorcycle Clothing
Number of Workers: 347
Location: NR 4, Deikrohom Phum, Roka Kaoh Commune, Kong Pisei District, Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

Man Ou Garment Co., Ltd.

Product: Suit
Number of Workers: 2222
Location: NR 4, Autrao Phum, Andoung Thma Commune, Prey Nob District, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia.

Horizon Outdoor (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Backpack Jacket Outdoor Clothing
Number of Workers: 6945
Location: NR 5, Phsar Trach Phum, Longveaek Commune, Kampong Tralach District, Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia.

Copious (Cambodia) International Inc.

Product: Scrub Shirt Hospital Uniform Cap Gowns Isolate gown
Number of Workers: 1705
Location: NR 2, Roung Phum, Lumchang Commune, Samraong District, Ta Kaev, Cambodia.

Vantage River Textile Co., Ltd.

Product: Apron Working Wear Uniform Trouser Shirt
Number of Workers: 426
Location: Phum 1 Phum, lek 1 Commune, Preah Sihanouk District, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia.

Sheico (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Product: Rash guard Boots Dry suits Wetsuits
Number of Workers: 3339
Location: NR 1, Mahattan SEZ Phum, Chantrea Commune, Chantrea District, Svay Rieng, Cambodia.

Foot Forward (Cambodia) Socks Co., Ltd.

Product: Socks
Number of Workers: 381
Location: NR 4, Bostaney Phum, Kahaeng Commune, Samraong Tong District, Kampong Speu, Cambodia.

Taieasy International Co., Ltd.

Product: Fur dress
Number of Workers: 4195
Location: NR 5, Totueng Phum, Kbal Trach Commune, Krakor District, Porsat, Cambodia.

Kaotex Garment Co., Ltd.

Product: Sportwear
Number of Workers: 429
Location: NR 4, Trapaing chheuneang Phum, Peuk Commune, Angk Snuol District, Kandal, Cambodia.

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